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The table below outlines the pricing for the Energise Gippsland Solar Program, including GST.

Pricing provided is for standard installations, individual quotes may vary depending on the requirements for your home. If you have any questions about the prices listed here and/or the individual quote you receive, please don’t hesitate to contact YEF on 1300 866 634.

Two inverter options are offered through the Energise Gippsland Solar Program: Sungrow, Enphase and Fronius. This is because different inverters are appropriate for different situations.

Sungrow is a cost-effective entry level option.

Enphase and Fronius are excellent quality inverters that allows more monitoring capacity and shows your solar system’s generation.

All options are ‘battery-compatible’ — meaning that if you want batteries at some point in the future, the system will be easily adaptable. Optimisers and micro-inverters are also available for panels that may be under shade from trees or chimneys. When our solar and battery provider calls you to organise a quote, they will discuss these options with you.

Note that prices reflect the reduction of the Federal Rebate Small-Scale Technology Certificates.

Residents may also be eligible for Solar Victoria Rebates up to $1,850 – read more about eligibility here.

Solar PV Systems

The prices below represent packages inclusive of rooftop solar, an inverter, installation, and GST. Your tailored quote may include extra fees for variations such as double storey installs, split arrays, steep rooves, microinverters, extended wiring or required switchboard upgrades (prices vary depending on the situation). YEF is always on hand to talk through these costs and ensure transparency. The Solar Victoria rebate is not included in the prices below, so expect further savings if you’re eligible.

System Size
Total System Cost
$ 4,500
$ 5,460
$ 6,340
$ 11,420
$ 5,460
$ 6,290
$ 7,345
$ 12,020
$ 5,580
$ 6,790
$ 8,390
$ 14,390

Interest Free Loan

No-Upfront Cost through Interest Free Loans

To further reduce costs, households can apply for an interest free loan, for an amount equivalent to their rebate amount.

In line with the existing rebate, the new interest-free loan can be applied up to an amount of $1850. If your total system is less than $3700, there will be no upfront cost.

The loan is required to be repaid over 4 years, or can be repaid sooner in one lump sum.

For more information, click here.

System Size
$ 800
$ 1,760
$ 2,260
$ 7,340
$ 1, 760
$ 2,590
$ 3,645
$ 8,320
$ 1,880
$ 3,090
$ 4,690
$ 10,690

Solar Victoria Rebates

On top of the great prices that Council and YEF have achieved for this program, you may be eligible for a Government rebate of up to $1850 through the State Government’s Solar Victoria Rebate Scheme. The Solar Victoria program also offers no interest loans of up to $1850 for eligible households. YEF can help you access the rebate and loan, if you are eligible.

Am I eligible for Government Rebates?

Victorian households are eligible to receive a rebate under the Solar Homes Package if the applicant:

  • has a combined household Taxable Income of less than $180,000 per annum (based on your tax assessment notices for the homeowners 2019-20 period)
  • they are the owner-occupier of the property 
  • an existing property, valued at under $3,000,000.00
  • they do not have an existing solar pv system*.

Not-for-profit community housing providers will also be eligible to apply for a rebate on behalf of their tenants/.

*Early adopters who installed solar prior to November 1 2009 are eligibile to replace or expand their current system.

There are also rebates available for rental properties!

For more information, contact YEF on 1300 866 634 or Solar Victoria on 1300 363 744.



About the program

This program is a partnership between Latrobe City Council, Wellington Shire, Gippsland Climate Change Network and the Yarra Energy Foundation, with Rockys Electrical the solar provider.